Martela Dynamic

The Martela Dynamic solutions allow for the optimal use of space in work environments.

The Dynamic solutions provide accurate, real-time information that enables the right type of work spaces to be designed for the particular number of employees using them, as well as fast responses to meet changing requirements.

The Dynamic solutions make working in an office easier and effortless. They enable employees to easily locate free workstations, meeting rooms and storage space and to find their colleagues. In addition, with Martela’s Dynamic solutions, reserving desks and spaces is uncomplicated.

The Martela Dynamic enables customers to understand how their premises are used and help create the best work environments for customers’ needs.

The Dynamic solutions are always tailored to each company’s needs.


Measured utilisation rates form the basis of the workspace plan for the work environment. Usage reports on desks, meeting rooms and other facilities should be analysed to understand how the facilities are actually used. These analyses help companies identify potential cost savings and design work environments based on their actual need for space.

Utilisation rates can be measured on a continuous basis to better identify changing needs and accelerate the implementation of changes. Measuring is carried out using wireless sensors attached under the desk.

The utilisation rate measuring service and the related analyses and reports are always tailored to the customer’s needs.

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The Dynamic Storage solution enables companies to optimise temporary storage facilities according to need. Companies can monitor the utilisation rate of storage lockers to more efficiently manage the location and number of storage units.

No separate keys or codes are needed, as the locks are opened and closed using ID cards. Lights on the doors indicate which lockers are available, and a display at the end of the storage unit shows which locker is reserved by which ID card. The application can also be used to search free lockers.


The Dynamic Desk Booking solution is a user-friendly way to find colleagues, reserve desks and manage reservations. This can be managed online, on a mobile phone or from a desk screen using a company ID card.

The Dynamic Desk Booking solution records the actual use of desks, making it easy to design spaces and facilities. The analyses help companies reduce premises costs effectively and convert infrequently used facilities for better purposes.

The solution that is integrated into electronically adjustable desks, meaning that it can be customised to each user’s needs. The usage application encourages employees to work actively and can even serve as a personal trainer in the office.


Dynamic Meeting Booking is an easy-to-use solution for reserving meeting rooms and locating available spaces. It facilitates the efficient use of meeting rooms while also reducing the time required for their management.

The online user interface for the Dynamic Meeting Booking solution can also be controlled from display units and mobile devices. The solution can be integrated into Microsoft Outlook, for example, and can even be set up to transmit refreshment orders.

Detailed reports provide a clear understanding of the actual use of meeting rooms and the need for them. No-show situations can also be detected, and the room can be made available again after a certain period of time.

The Dynamic Meeting Booking solution is always tailored to each customer's needs.

See a real life example - case PwC

In PwC's new office in Bergen, Norway activity based working has been taken all the way.
"Martela Dynamic Solutions for storage and workstations provide optimal availability and support employees in their daily work.
For our business , the solution is perfect."
"The goal is that it should contribute to increased learning , collaboration, innovation and efficiency" , says Director Geir Inge Lunde.

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Martela practices what it preaches

With the latest improvements implemented at Martela House, it has turned into a living example of Martela’s Inspiring Office concept put into practice with the Martela Lifecycle® model. The workplace must sufficiently support various types of knowledge workers. Martela surveyed its employees’ daily activities, prepared a plan of the changes required according to the maintenance phase of its lifecycle approach and got down to work.

As a result of the improvements, around 60 per cent of the knowledge workers at Martela House gave up their fixed workstations and now use a freely selected working area. Martela Dynamic technology allows employees arriving at work to check for free workstations on a screen at the info desk and find out where their colleagues are sitting. This same technology makes it possible to measure the utilisation rate of workstations. Martela Dynamic workstations remember employees’ personal settings and adjust the workstation according to these. The workstations can also be programmed to notify employees when they have been sitting for too long. Storage solutions were also updated, and small personal lockers are now used for storing personal belongings. Dynamic storage solutions offer temporary storage wherever it is needed. These changes mean that Martela House is now better adapted to the requirements of work and individual needs. Each employee can select a place to work that best suits the activity at hand, which means that the entire building is now, in fact, one large workspace. This enables more flexible co-operation between various teams. The overall space used or the maintenance costs didn’t change, but the business impact from increased efficiency can be close to a million euros per year.

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