Five key advantages of the Activity Based Office


Modern activity-based office allows you to turn your premises into a strategic success factor. Take a closer look at the five key advantages that it can offer to your company.

Improved employee wellbeing

Employee wellbeing is crucial to the success of your company. When employees feel good the workplace will also thrive. An easily adaptable work environment that supports modern working culture inspires creativity, releases energy and leads to better results.

In an activity-based office designed in accordance with the Martela Lifecycle model each employee feels as though the space has been specifically designed for them. Various quiet work spaces allow staff members to concentrate on their work without any distractions, whenever necessary, while diverse opportunities for social contacts ensure better interaction and flow of information within the company. Good workplace will boost also productivity.

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Increased productivity

A well-designed workspace supports your company’s strategy and operating processes, thus also providing an excellent management tool. User-friendly workspace design facilitates information processing, boosts efficient time use and reduces the amount of distracting interruptions. A well-designed sound environment alone will substantially increase efficiency, compared with a traditional open-plan office.

Our activity-based concept not only takes into consideration the new ways of working shaped by mobile technology but also the needs of different users. Each employee deserves a workspace tailored to their own personality and work tasks. An investment made in the work environment will quickly pay itself back in higher productivity.

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Lower premises costs

An activity-based environment designed in accordance with the Martela Lifecycle model allows you to save up to 50 per cent in premises costs. Giving up permanent workstations significantly reduces the need for space and also boosts efficiency and job satisfaction. In this transformation, the work environment is divided into zones in accordance with the degree of privacy required. As a result, employees doing different tasks will be able to get more out of their work. The environment can also be supplemented with the new Dynamic Storage locker system.

A design process which involves all aspects of the work environment and in which all requirements are carefully specified in advance also results in lower maintenance and servicing costs. We can produce calculations of the savings already during the design stage – feel free to contact us for more information.

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More defined corporate image

Pleasant office premises that reflect the company’s brand image will impress customers. They allow you to effectively communicate your company’s values and visions, both to your own staff and to visitors.

The functionality of the premises, the visual inspiration they provide and the desired brand image are also key factors in attracting the best recruits – and in motivating existing staff. The environment that reflects your aims is created from a large number of minor and major factors. Therefore, the best end results are always achieved when the matter is given priority early on in the change process and when the needs are specified in accordance with the company’s strategy and processes.

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Responsible way of doing things

Martela’s comprehensive work environment design process, which covers the entire life cycle of the premises, is always a responsible choice. Switching to an activity-based office may reduce your company’s carbon footprint by as much as 40 per cent. User’s needs are always a priority and the mapping of the customer's and employees’ requirements is the first stage in the process. We also carefully examine which of the existing fittings and solutions can be used in the new design. We recycle the surplus fittings and other material left over during the renovation in a responsible manner. Fittings that are in good condition are refurbished and given a new lease of life at the Martela Outlet chain. Items that are in poor condition are disassembled, sorted and used as spares or in energy production.

Our maintenance services help to keep new premises in tiptop condition, which reduces the need for major repairs.

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