Koukku, Irene

Interior Architect

Helsinki, Finland

“The ultimate goal of my work as a designer is to create spaces that are meaningful to their users and take the users’ needs and wishes into account optimally.”

During the design process, Irene pays attention to the cornerstones of design: ergonomics, ecological aspects, ethics and economic factors. “In addition to these, aesthetics is the final touch that makes spaces individual.”

Irene never compromises on what is best for the client and always stays on schedule. Each day is different: the sites and clients vary. However, the core of her design philosophy remains unchanged: “Each assignment is unique. Each space is important to its users. Each user’s needs are worthy of attention.”

At Martela, Irene has focused on designing spaces and interiors for offices, care facilities and accommodation facilities. In addition, she has experience in designing space and interior design concepts. She also works with clients in English, and her job includes design work for Martela’s international projects.

Irene holds a Bachelor of Culture and Arts in interior design from Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. She also holds a BBA from EVTEK University of Applied Sciences, and she worked in the investment sector before becoming a designer. This experience and her economic thinking bring added value to space design projects.

“For me, work is much more than just performing duties. It keeps me inspired and energetic.” She recharges her batteries by travelling, attending cultural events, exercising, dancing and spending time with her family.