Terävä, Eeva

Interior Architect, Master of Science

Helsinki, Finland

Eeva works as a Workplace Consultant in Martela’s Interior Design Team.

Eeva´s typical day consists of workplace analyses and change management projects. Her core competence areas are participatory research methods and analyses. All of her work aims to design better custom made offices to our clients.

“The best part of my job is to see the diversity in office environments and the people who work in them. One solution does not necessarily fit all. Transition to the new kind of workplace may also take some effort in management. My job is to understand how our clients’ work in all layers of the organisation and help them implement the workplace transition successfully.”

Eeva has a degree in Interior Architecture and has also background in research and consultation. She specialises in user studies and has done change management research in workplace transitions.

A link to Eeva’s Masters Thesis in Activity Based Offices (in finnish).