Adjustments and instructions

Workstation ergonomics

Ensure good ergonomics during the working day

A typical office worker will spend up to eight years of his life sitting at a workstation. This means that it is extremely important to be positioned correctly and to move regularly in order to reduce the risk of long term health problems.

The videos show a few tips for active working as well as adjustment instructions for your chair.



Axia task chair user instructions

How to set up my Axia

James user instructions: Flex-mechanism

Adjusting James: Flex-mechanism

James user instructions: Synchro-mechanism

Adjusting James: Synchro-mechanism

James user instructions: Easy-mechanism

Adjusting James: Easy-mechanism

X-Code user instructions

X-Code Dauphin

Logic 300 and 400 user instructions

How to set up my Logic 300 and 400