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Thank god it's monday

What makes the best workplace, you might ask? Well, there are probably as many answers to that question as there are people working in the world. But the answers all have one thing in common; the best workplace makes you feel thank god it’s Monday.

We’ve identified four important areas in the best workplaces: Collaboration, Communication, Concentration, and Chill out. In short we call them the 4 C’s, and they take advantage of the employees full potential, rather than creating boundaries and limiting creativity. They offer access to many varied office workplaces that support different tasks and activities. And most importantly, they help us create workspaces that make you feel thank god it’s Monday.

Sounds like something for you and your colleagues? Splendid!

Do you need workplace specification?

Do you want your employees to feel more effective? Do you want them to be able to concentrate better and be more productive? Then you need Workplace specification. This means that we identify your company’s business goals, needs and nature of work. We work with studies and surveys that show what types of facilities best meet the employees’ needs.
One contact person from Martela works closely with key persons at your company, from start to finish. This is the foundation of a tip-top result.

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Sustainable workplace Lifecycle model

Instead of individual furniture orders, companies receive a comprehensive service from Martela that covers the entire lifecycle of the workplace, looking after the premises, furniture and people. The best work environments create wellbeing for the entire working community. The comprehensive model enabled by Martela’s broad selection of products and services makes facilities management easier while helping companies to operate in a more responsible and environmentally friendly way. With better tools for management and future need prediction, the operating expenses of the facilities can be significantly reduced.

Pleasant and well-maintained premises that have been designed according to the company’s actual needs help to create the desired company image and to attract the best employees. Most importantly, such premises will also help to achieve the company’s strategic goals every working day of the year. Take a simple test and find out how much your company could save with Martela Lifecycle.

Specifying the workplace need

To start with, we find out what requirements there are for the working environment. We analyse the business and investigate what the employees do throughout the day. Based on the analyses, we make suggestions on workplaces that support best each activity.

Workplace Specification
Martela Dynamic Workplace Utilization Services
Inspiring Workshops

“It’s not just about square meters and rental costs, even though they are very important. We also have to create design solutions for wellbeing and support new ways of working."
Eeva Terävä, Head of Workplace Development, Martela

“Investing in the working environment is a great way to hold on to good employees.”
Maarit Vuori, Interior Designer, Martela

Planning the workplace

The next step is workplace planning based on the specification. We also have the opportunity to consider company’s existing furniture. Can it be relocated, refurbished or should it be recycled.

With Martela’s Space and Interior Design, you can optimise the use of space in the work environment and brighten up the company’s appearance to match the brand values. The design is based on the space plan created during the specification phase on the basis of various needs.

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Implementing the workplace

The third phase is implementation. Here we deliver the interior according to the plan. An important part of this phase is introducing the employees to the new way of working in the office. If needed, we can support your change management by organising the staff information session.

Removal services
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Project Management
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Maintaining the workplace

Organisations and ways of working are undergoing a continuous change. In order to achieve optimum user experience and utilisation rate, each company should review how the working environment is supporting the current way of working on a regular basis and do the required adjustments. Here we at Martela are happy to help. The changes are not necessarily big but they can have a big effect on employee efficiency and wellbeing.

Measuring User Experience
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