Welcome to the sound of nothing

Sometimes you need absolute silence to be able to concentrate. Then it’s a good idea to retreat to the Concentration area. This area is placed apart from noisy and busy places, such as entrances. Different screens block unwanted noise and offer privacy. If you need to talk to a colleague, then use super small letters. Enjoy this silent area and work hard to the sound of nothing at all.

Concentration areas in the office video

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Chill out

Do you need workplace specification?

Do you want your employees to feel more effective? Do you want them to be able to concentrate better and be more productive? Then you need Workplace specification. This
means that we identify your company’s business goals, needs and nature of work. We work with studies and surveys that show what types of facilities best meet the employees’ needs.
One contact person from Martela works closely with key persons at your company, from start to finish. This is the foundation of a tip-top result.


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