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04/15/2014 - 12:46

The Milan Design Week was once again quite a handful: Salone del Mobile at Milan Fairgrounds, numerous events around the city, not forgetting Zona Tortona and Ventura Lambrate. There´s always a serious risk of getting an overdose of design unless you stick to your original plan to enjoy it in small doses. That requires careful planning!

As usual the fair is a must; there are the majority of the brands that set the course for the trends for the year to come. The colors were overall quite neutral, down-to-earth and the various shades of blue and grey were very popular.  This was shown in fabrics, laminates, stains, ceramics etc. These colors have replaced the bright and strong colors also in plastic chairs and this makes it easier to use such products more widely also in the Nordics. We like our environment  calm and tranquil (at least I like to think so). Otherwise very popular features were organic and soft shapes and a touch of wood so that you could really feel the grains.

Zona Tortona with Superstudio Più was still worth visiting, but there were not that many exhibitors on that area as before; some big players were away, but Moooi made an impressive presentation as usual at Via Savona with lots of printed fabrics.
Ventura Lambrate is increasing it´s popularity year by year and it´s starting seriously to compete with Zona Tortona about visitors´ precious and limited time resources. As usual many schools were presented there with many interesting workshops. Of course there was a lot of experimental stuff presented, but also in many places quite  interesting products with commercial potential were displayed as well.

To choose places to visit from the over 300 events around the city also requires careful logistical planning, unless you are prepared to do a half marathon every day. Not me! As usual Spazio Rossana Orlandi is a must. It really captures the essence of the ambiance of Milan with small workshops, installations and nothing beats the feeling when you´re sipping your espresso in the garden in the Spring sun. It really makes you forget all about the long and dark winter.

Kvadrat celebrated the 30th anniversary of Divina fabric at Arcade. They commissioned 22 artists to make one-off pieces using Divina fabric and the results were inspiringly different. It really shows the variety how different artists can approach one given subject. One of the most interesting results was Richard Hutten´s Layers Cloud Chair in which the artist had piled up 545 layers of Divina fabric on top of each other and  then used CNC machine to create the shape of his Cloud Chair. That would not probably be the most ecological chair ever made, but the visual appearance was interesting.

It somehow sums up the whole Milan Design Week experience: every design has so many layers and every product tells a story, some more interesting than others. . .

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