Are you ready to pay for responsibility?
05/28/2014 - 14:19

What is the difference between wind power and nuclear power? If you see added value on responsibility you have an option to pay little extra for green energy or use the company that concentrates delivering green energy for their private customers. The companies usually will pay extra for green energy. The extra cost goes to infrastructure and investments for supplying the renewable energy, the electricity from the power grid is exactly the same.

What is the difference between PEFC and FSC certified wood? This is a complex question that has been studied by numerous parties. There is significant differences between the standards for each program. For those reaching for LEED certification for their building, the decision is made for them: only FSC certification is adequate. Also wood based materials and products made out of  FSC certified wood are the ones that include extra cost. Are you prepared to pay the extra? And does that mean better responsibility? In Northern Europe FSC-certified wood is more expensive, but does it mean only that is not so widely used here and thus the supply of it is more limited? Or is WWF right when they say PEFC certification is easier to obtain?

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