How to improve work productivity
04/11/2017 - 13:20

Investment in people is replacing investment in machines

Automation is reducing routine tasks, and knowledge work is creating new jobs. The human brain has become the most important production machine, and its productivity is a key success factor.

People keep talking about the productivity of knowledge work – but whose responsibility is it in a company? According to the CFO of a Finnish corporation, the focus of investment is shifting from machines to people.

Each knowledge worker and their employees should actively seek ways to improve the productivity of knowledge work. Does knowledge work play a role in your company strategy? How are the needs of knowledge work considered in terms of developing the workplace, tools and management? Are employees assisted with finding their own way of working, or is everyone being forced into the same mould? Knowledge work requires a workplace strategy.

A workplace strategy makes knowledge work more efficient

A workplace strategy is reflected in good results for the company and a high level of satisfaction among customers and employees. A good workplace strategy determines how the workplace, management methods, ICT tools and other factors that support knowledge work are implemented. The most successful companies see these factors as a service for their employees and provide a flexible platform for knowledge work, based on the individual needs of their employees.

You can follow Martela’s journey towards more productive knowledge work on our blog and in our news. On our blog, we will discuss for example the following topics:

  • The optimal workplace for more productive knowledge work (a continuous process)
  • The cloud makes time and place irrelevant (in progress)
  • The workplace as a service (next step)


If you need help with determining your workplace strategy, we are here to help. You may also find these articles useful:

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