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04/20/2016 - 11:17

The “Salone del Mobile” and “Fuorisalone” were held again in Milan last week and nothing can be more inspiring start for the Spring than a massive overdose of fresh ideas presented by various designers and design schools from all around the world. As before the business happens at the fairgrounds but Zona Tortona and especially Ventura Lambrate with several design schools had also a lot to offer from very experimental design approaches to carefully finished product ideas.

Since Milan has always so much to offer it´s quite difficult to pinpoint one specific major trend, but if I were to choose just one, then I would say that it is soft and human approach to product design. In this age of technology and hi-tech gadgets I believe the need for this kind of design will be in more demand now and in the near future. With this kind of mindset companies can offer us products which are easily approachable and inviting and they make our everyday life much more enjoyable.

One of the best examples of this kind of human approach with a nostalgic twist was Samsung´s new Serif TV designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. In this age of constant competition of which company can produce the slimmest TV with OLED technology on the market Samsung made a brave move and went back to basics placing the TV back on the floor. Seriously! As always the best ideas are very simple and this one is an excellent sample of that kind of thinking. Combined with the human design of Fratelli Bouroullec it´s an instant classic.

Another great sample of soft and approachable product design was the Soft Edge chair from HAY designed by the Danish design duo Iskos-Berlin. They have managed to take the moulded plywood technique with standard veneers to the extreme level and the end result is very beautiful and honest chair that can be used in residential environments as well as in any public space or office. The name of the chair explains the essence of the product and with the elegant details this chair really stands out. You really want to touch the soft edges of the chair and feel those friendly curves.

Human approach in product design with tactile materials is definitely something that the majority of us will appreciate whether it´s placed in our home or in the place that we work in. These kind of honest products make our environment more inspiring.

And I think that Erwan Bouroullec wraps this all up very nicely by saying: “I don´t want very incredible experiences, I just want a good experience for your simple every day life.”

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