Hybrid work calls for new generation work environments
09/22/2016 - 09:16

How did a company with a hundred employees prepare for a move to new premises just some years ago? That’s right, they placed an order for a hundred highly ergonomic workstations. Today’s executives increasingly take a different approach. It’s not about workstations, but an opportunity to create new value.

Modern work environments are designed based on evolving work habits and change management needs. Office space now has an all-new role to play: to empower and establish new ways of working and to enable a more agile culture, with an objective to create and cultivate new competitive advantages.


New value is best created in smart environments

Global competition and digitalization disrupt industries and challenge organizations. Success comes down to the ability to utilize the organizations’ expertise in efficient and creative ways – by breaking down structural silos and making way for inspiring interaction and collective learning.

This disruption increasingly transforms traditional job descriptions into new ‘hybrid’ roles. In the dictionary, a hybrid is a combination of two or more things. Often the word refers to things that complement each other, like an electric engine and an internal combustion engine in a hybrid car.

In work context, the term hybrid has several meanings, which can all be true at the same time: it’s about a combination of remote and office work, independent and collective tasks, or distinct areas of expertise.

Hybrid work is typically not performed at a fixed personal workstation with a set group of colleagues. Instead, different tasks are carried out in environments that best suit them. People in hybrid roles move around many times a day between different spaces, in the office and outside of the office.


Hybrid workers smoothly shuttle between corporate and remote locations, work as effectively alone as they do in a group, and go from focused tasks to active interaction and back.


Hybrid work environments are designed based on increasing needs for agility, movement and constant change. As all these different needs must be simultaneously supported, we’re also seeing a strong need for technology-enabled smart solutions to enhance employees’ comfort, wellbeing and productivity.

A smart work environment serves hybrid workers through metrics and optimization. Hybrid environments will feature chairs, tables and lightning that automatically adjust to the preferences of the person using them, along with sensors to provide data about how different spaces perform compared to evolving needs.

Smart work is best carried out in a smart work environment. Truly results-oriented work environments are constantly measured and modified based on usage and functionality, marking a big step towards a future where ‘office as a service’ may be a reality.


Nordic heritage speeds up the change in how we work

While the evolution of work is a global trend, Nordic countries are leading the change. New flexible ways of working are in high tide, along with co-working spaces designed to inspire ideas and interaction. The progress is both enabled and accelerated by the Nordic heritage of low hierarchy and high transparency.

We have seen how pioneers of modern work environments benefit from the same kind of inspiration and passion that start-up companies are known and envied for. A crucial factor is the ability to deliberately increase spontaneous encounters as a way to improve collaboration, streamline communication, enhance creativity and improve wellbeing at work.


Ensuring that employees are happy and inspired at work will have a direct effect on customer experience, which in turn is a strong and solid advantage in global competition.


At Martela, we are an enabler for modern hybrid work. The change of work and the emergence of technology in work environments open up amazing opportunities to innovate office concepts that leverage each organizations’ unique needs and strengths, and adjust during their lifecycle based on data-driven insight.

Welcome to be inspired with us!

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