It’s great if your mother says so
01/29/2013 - 17:51

We at hasan & partners had the privilege to partner with the WDCH2012 organisation to help them build some buzz around the event. This partnership gave birth to the most-awarded Finnish marketing campaign in 2012 – both nationally and internationally. The very core of the campaign was a strange café called Kauko, located in the heart of Helsinki, in the Forum shopping mall. The strangeness of the café came from its design – every element in the café was either badly designed or could be controlled remotely via the web or mobile. So, anyone enjoying a cup at Kauko could not foresee what was coming. The chairs moved, the lights dimmed, the music was suddenly very loud and so on. Kauko’s idea was based on a very simple strategic insight: design is everywhere, and we tend to take bad design for granted. We allow poorly designed objects to be part of our daily lives. Kauko Café wanted to point this out in a funny, engaging and exiting way, and also create a lot of awareness and buzz for WDCH12.

Kauko became an instant hit. People enjoyed the “possessed” café during their shopping hours and many who never visited the café in person checked out the site and tried to mess up an innocent coffee drinker’s free time. It so happened that Kauko travelled the world. The media coverage was massive. Time Magazine wrote about it, as did many other top media outlets. The news video about Kauko on BBC was the most viewed video during one weekend in the UK. The most important thing, naturally, was that we got the message across. Design is all around us at all times and we shouldn’t let bad design go unnoticed.

Personally, my happiest WDCH2012 moment occurred in Lisbon at the end of November. I was invited to be part of the jury for the Eurobest Awards, the European championship of advertising. One fellow juror, an Englishman, a very bright guy, from a great agency, started to talk to me about this one campaign his old mother from Manchester fell in love with. At first I didn’t know what he was talking about, but then he mentioned that there was this café that one could remotely control. His mother saw it on BBC and he himself, though he hadn’t seen it before, thought that it was quite cool too. Needless to say, WDCH2012 and Kauko were recognised at Eurobest as well.

Check out the Kauko case video.


Happy 2013 everyone, let’s keep the design spirit up.


Eka Ruola
CEO, Executive Creative Director
hasan & partners

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Love the video! Especially the face of the guy at the end trying to add sugar to his coffee.
I've been thinking how much the average people, living in Helsinki area did get benefit of the year.
You can never guarantee, that everyone will reach the message of this kind of events. Some people just do not see design round them, neither are interested of it. I guess the organisation with thousands of volunteers & the partner companies did quite huge job arranging a huge amount of different events. It is great to hear that the message has gotten through in the other countries like the writer told the comment of the Englishmans comment :)
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