Magical transformation
11/06/2014 - 08:37

How an customer order “transforms” itself into a product located at customer’s premises.

This is a short snap-shot of everyday life in “transforming” customer orders into products which are fully operational at customer’s premises. If you imagine that this magical transformation happens in a box were you push customer orders into the box from one side and you get products delivered and fully operational at customer’s premises from the opposite end of the box. We just shake the box every now and then and everything works just fine. Sounds very simple indeed before considering few things.

If we take a peek inside of the box to see what’s really happening then the real magic becomes visible:

  • Step1: Every single order will be broken down to order lines and every single order line will be broken down to perfect & explicit description of the product itself.
  • Step 2: Then the product is further broken down to perfect & explicit description of components which are needed to make the product or to purchase it or purchase parts of it.
  • Step 3: With this information in hand relevant production orders and purchase orders can then be issued for that one order line. 
  • Step 4: All order lines from one order are then scheduled to be ready and packed for delivery at the very same time, whether they are produced at the factory or coming as a readymade goods and this time is defined from the time (minus transportation, installation and moving time) when all needs to be fully operational at customer’s premises.
  • Step 5: Transportation is then picking up the packed goods to be delivered in the right destination where physical moving and installation of goods will take place

On daily basis, every single working day of the year, this box is “magically” transforming over 950 pcs of individual order lines into over 3000 pcs of final products which are delivered, installed and ready to use at customer’s premises through-out different countries.

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