Power shopping
05/24/2013 - 18:43

I have 1 hour time to be specialist on refrigerators; interesting brands, energy saving performance, delivery times, design, user feedback and recommendations, and of course price comparisons.
Going to the Gigantti superstore will not do the trick; I would only see a fraction of the offering, and lack most of the other vital information. And it takes about 1 hour only for the driving…
The only options is to do power shopping in my favorite mall, my home sofa. Few taps on the pad will cover most of the needed information + some very interesting buying and delivery options.

My buying behavior has changed dramatically, and this has a huge impact on companies and their business processes. The agile companies that realize and react on this fundamental change has a better chance to survive in this digital shopping mall. All brands globally are visible and accessible to the consumer and the shopping is nowadays safe, mainly due to the well-functioning recommendation system.
Many Finnish companies, especially on traditional and for years stable branches are still sleeping.

If we like to buy like this, where is the Finnish offering?

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