Stockholm Furniture Fair - year 2014
02/07/2014 - 15:01

“Once again the Stockholm Furniture Fair is over and you start to reflect that what it was all about? This year, apart from the obvious increase of privacy furniture and acoustical products, I feel that one of the most important trends was the increase of “home factor” on many stands.

This can be seen in increased use of solid wooden components, preferably oiled in order to achieve the rustic/nature like feeling, and in colors. The colors in general were very composed, not very much bright colors this year. The trend seems to be that in order to counterbalance the increased workload that people have in today´s workplaces, the visual working environment should help you to feel more relaxed. This can be achieved by using soft and calming colors and using things that we are used to see at homes, but not that often in offices: carpets, pendant lamps, plants, loose cushions, various accessories etc. The stuff that makes you feel at home!

Apart from colors and materials I feel that design, once again, can have a lot to do with promoting this trend. With soft shapes and curved lines you can really make a difference in environment and make people feel more relaxed. Furniture can actually be friendly and inviting, you know.

I feel that these kind of small changes in working environment are very welcome and they can really help companies creating more Inspiring Spaces.

The future looks brighter for white-collar workers in their small, but soon-to-be cozier cubicles . . .”

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