What the first weeks have tought me
10/13/2015 - 21:40

I have had the great pleasure to join the wonderful Martela team a few weeks ago.  These first two weeks have given me an opportunity to learn more about how I work and achieve my objectives for the day.  I have got to know many new friends and to discuss about the future workplaces.  These two weeks have given me a new perspective and I have learned many new things about myself. Here, I would like to summaries some of the personal findings about the activity based office environment and how it has changed my thinking and behavior.

As a background, prior to joining Martela, I worked in a “traditional” office environment with dedicated offices and areas.  I always believed that we could achieve more and to be more productive by improving collaboration, communication, employee image, employer image and openness.  However, it was difficult for us to identify how to improve these matters.  We always addressed the issues through different workgroups by identifying different reasons and gaps in the processes mainly focusing on staff and how we behave as individuals, teams and as a corporation.  We never managed to address the issues completely and today I understand why.  We were so focused on the challenges, processes and people and never raised important  questions  about the workplace:

“do we see our workplace as a leadership tool? “
“does our workplace support us to achieve our objectives?”
“does our workplace support innovation, openness and communication?”
“does our workplace enable wellbeing?”

I have come to understand how crucial the workplace environment is as a leadership tool.  The workplace environment should give a strong foundation to achieve business objectives in the individual and company level and enable innovation, openness, communication and wellbeing.

I learned a totally new perspective to approach these matters, but I still had some open questions in my mind about my personal ability to work in the active based office.  The issues that I was wondering prior to joining Martela were;

“can I be efficient during the day?”
“can I focus enough?”
“can I manage confidential discussions and keep privacy?”

The past few weeks have demonstaretd to me that I can overcome my concerns and I can achieve much more than before.  It did not happen overnight. My approach has changed a bit every day.  Please find below how my experiences changed day by day.

First few days (New environment excitement);

“ I was more excited about the surroundings of the new office environment and the new team members to work with”
“ I was not focused on the tasks that I need to fulfil during the day and I was more focused on the people and different areas at the office”

Days 3-5 (People);

“I focused on observing  and learning how my colleagues were working together , I admired and sensed the following attributes;  active communication, openness, motivation and passion to the Martela Lifecycle strategy”
“I discussed with colleagues and started to understand that they were selecting an area where to work during the day based on different objectives for the day”
“I learned the value to be close to my colleagues and quickly learned about them and their objectives”
“I fully enjoyed every day seeing our customers visiting us and having random discussions on their ideas about workplace environment”

Recent days (My contribution and way of working);

“I have focused more on analyzing myself and how I will achieve the best of me everyday”
“I have learned from my colleagues to plan my day and area to work with more based on my objectives for the day. I have found that I am standing more. I am focusing more. I am more energized and I can get more energy from colleagues, customers and the office environment itself.“
“I have learned and seen the great value of the workplace as a leadership tool. The environment involves me much more to address different issues in our business.”
“I am feeling the passion, expertize and motivation in the organization by being close to my colleagues”
“I have learned the value of having “chilling out” areas to relax and to have open discussions”

Today’s way of working is changing fast and many companies are suffering to provide an environment where the workplace is a leadership tool and a vehicle for achieving company objectives.  I am encouraging you to take the opportunity to discuss with us how the activity based workplace could help you to overcome your business challenges.  Every business has its own issues and cannot be copied.  All starts with determining company objectives, involving the users and determining the proper specifications.  I am sure that many of you as individuals, team leaders or business executives are facing similar challenges and feelings as I have in the past.  I am happy to tell you that  there are solutions to improve your business efficiency, employee satisfaction and wellbeing.  We at Martela have true expertise to be your partner.

Our Chairman of The Board Heikki Martela has stated: “Thank God It’s Monday ” and I would like to expand that even more: “Thank God it’s a working day”.  
Looking forward to hearing from you!

With best regards,
Matti Rantaniemi

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