What is that smell?
09/06/2014 - 19:34

What is the predominant smell in your work environment? Is it the enticing fresh baked cinnamon bun from the office cafeteria or does the over dose of after shave of your colleague take your breath away? As we work closer and closer to our work mates should we consider the ever increasing hypersensitivities for chemicals as we prepare for the work in the morning? Or even skip that extra garlic in our dinner.

Which smells are acceptable in the office? Scent of wool in the upholstery or particle board in your cabinet? The feeling that comes from the smells is closely connected to your experience even from the time that you do not remember. Unfortunately, not all the smells that are familiar to us are actually giving us accurate information to guide us. The fresh baked bun is giving us a feeling of warmth and security, not warning us of obesity. Any smell that we do not know can be alarming even if it just is the fact that we do not know it.

Once in a while I do meet people that think there is something wrong with their cabinet as it smells. My point of view might be biased being Master of Science in wood engineering, but there is nothing wrong with a smell of fresh particle board. But please, could you be easier with all that perfume, interior potpourri, after shave, hair spray, cleaning agent…

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