The working environment – where is it?
05/02/2013 - 11:36

I was just at the dentists waiting for my appointment when I received an email through Facebook asking whether I would be interested in judging a gravity racer design competition at the local college. Then late in the evening on Good Friday when I was already relaxed and ready for the Easter weekend and surrounded by the peacefulness of the countryside, I received an inquiry about an interior design consultation .

The boundaries of the working environment have disappeared. We work when we are at home, on holiday and in the evenings. We are expected to be available all the time. Are we more efficient now that we can, and are required to, do our work away from the office. Are there any places or times which we keep free from work? Will we be left with just desks, chairs, rooms and hours in the future when the word office has disappeared from our vocabulary?


Tomi Kouvola

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