Workplace design is a key component of a strong employer brand
09/20/2017 - 07:43

Your office is an increasingly important asset in attracting new talent. Workplace design may even compete with salary as an enticement to potential recruits. While remote and flexible working become more common, employees’ expectations for workspaces are on the rise as well.

As for myself, I admit I really enjoy working face-to-face with my colleagues at the Martela headquarters in Helsinki. I only work remotely when I have to focus on a challenging issue with specific tasks I must work independently on. I choose to come to the office because I think of it as an ideal platform to interact and collaborate with colleagues.

Working at the office is for me above all a social event that gives a huge boost to my day. I can easily set up quick meetings over a cup of coffee, and create new ideas together with colleagues in inspiring meeting rooms.

Should I suddenly need to interrupt my social day at the office with a task that requires peace and quiet, that’s easily done too. I’ll just walk in a quiet room and focus on my stuff with zero interruptions - our office policy states it’s ok to even skip greetings when colleagues come in.

Impress your employees with small changes.

How often do we wake up to realize how much more a workplace really is than a set of chairs, desks and meeting rooms? In fact, workplace design provides ample opportunities for attracting and inspiring employees. It's a way to communicate the company values and the ways of working we appreciate and expect. Ideally, there’s an element of surprise too - positive surprise, that is!

Even the best of workplaces won’t stand the test of time. Consequently, it’s important to make changes regularly, even if they are just small details. It’s not often that we completely renovate our homes either: just changing the order of furniture or bringing in new textiles are enough to brighten up our homes. Why not do the same at the workplace too?

Positive changes are signs of caring and progress. Before you begin planning the next renovation at the office, stop to think again. Instead of a complete overhaul far ahead, what could you achieve with smaller changes right now, using the furniture you already have? A helpful framework is the Four C’s model, guiding to reserve areas for Communication, Concentration, Collaboration and Chilling out.

The recipe for a cozy workplace is available for everyone.

An inspiring workplace plays a role in both attracting employees and keeping them happy. The recipe is no secret. The ingredients include user friendly and smart spaces customized for distinct purposes; clear rules for the use of different spaces; and an enjoyable interior design.

Take a moment now to look around. Ask yourself: Is your workplace design competitive, functional and inspiring? What kind of changes would turn your workplace into an asset for recruitment?

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