Mikkola, Eerikki

Offering Manager, Service Design Management

Martela, Helsinki

”The best workplace is user centric, created by participating people. The same way are being designed the value created services for the workplace lifecycle as well as the best customer and user experiences”.

Eerikki Mikkola works in the Martela Offering team and is responsible for service design. He is an experienced service design facilitator and his working methods enable agile co-creation, fast testing and continuous development.

Customer and user experience are always in the focus for Eerikki. He participates both internal and external users, customers and other stakeholders in service design. Eerikki is in a continuous search for new innovation, testing and developing methods. Systematic approach is also important for him but when not working he can head off to the nature trails with a back bag on his back without any concrete plans.

Eerikki has graduated with Master of Business Administration degree from the department of marketing and has participated in service design studies in Aalto PRO.




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