CAD symbol library

Most of the CAD symbols for our products can be found in our CAD symbol application. (Archicad 16 compatible).
The application runs only in Firefox and Safari web browser with GDL Web Plugin 16.00 (installation required).
You can select the product from drop down list, configure it (SETTINGS…) and download the file (SAVE AS…) in following formats: GDL, DWG, DXF, 3Dstudio, Wavefront, ElectricImage, VRML, Lightscape, U3D.

All available GDL Symbols are also downloadable as an ArchiCad library (~56 MB)
DWG, 3DS and SKP files are also available as product specific zipped packages. Click the CAD SYMBOLS link on Product pages; e.g. Kilta.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding our symbols, please contact