Care instructions

Tips for the fabric care

Regular care will extend the service life and life cycle of your furniture. Regular vacuuming of upholstered furniture (incl. chairs, sofas and screens) with a soft brush attachment or similar is usually sufficient for cleaning fabrics.

If liquid is spilled on a fabric, wipe it off as quickly as possible. When removing stains, work from the outer edge towards the centre to prevent the stain spreading.

Only use cleaning agents and cloths designed for fabrics. Prior to use, test the cleaning agent on a hidden area of the upholstery. Avoid wetting the fabric excessively. Only use a reputable brand of cleaner, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Care instructions for fabrics in detail (printable pdf)



Advice on care of metal, wood and plastic parts of furniture

Wipe off dust and dirt with a damp cloth. If any liquid is spilt on the furniture, wipe it off immediately, before it dries.

To remove stubborn stains, such as coffee, tea or ink, we recommend the use of a mild cleaning agent. Wipe down and dry carefully, then clean with a soft cloth.


Advice on cleaning of laminate

Smooth or wet wiping with neutral wiping dampened with neutral washing liquid. After wiping, the surface should be dry. Some plastics are electrostatize and pick up dust easily. You can reduce the static by leaving a rinsing and drying after a wet or wet wipe.

Clean the stained surfaces with undiluted neutral washing liquid by dissolving. Rince and dry. You can clean the light surface with a bleach or bleach solution. If chlorine-containing detergents are used, the purge water must be lukewarm to prevent chlorine evaporating. Do not mix other detergents with disinfectants.

Care instructions for laminate in detail (printable pdf)


Advice on cleaning of lacquered veneer

Smooth or wet wiping with neutral wiping dampened with neutral washing liquid ( such as washing-up liquid). After the wet wiping, the surface should be dry. Keep the time of the chemicals as low as possible.

The matt and half-matt surfaces are the most sensitive. Avoid rubbing, as they easily begin to glow. Replace the rubbers of the devices placed on the surfaces with felt knobs or the like un-colored material.

Care instructions for lacquered veneer in detail (printable pdf)

Care instructions for laminate, lacquered veneer and fabrics
(one printable pdf document)

Martela's product care

Martela’s furniture is durable and manufactured to sustain heavy use. By maintaining the furniture, you can increase the service life.

If your furniture's upholstery needs to be cleaned or there is a problem with your furniture, please contact Martela’s maintenance and spare parts service.

Martela’s product care includes the maintenance and replacement of parts that can wear out, spare parts and supplies, tightening of mechanical fastenings and cleaning of upholstery.


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