Material description: 

Seat, armrests and backrest upholstered.
Base: grey, white, black, chrome or Inspiring Colours.

Fabric consumption: 

371AK: 0.75 m
372AK: 2.5 m
373AK: 1.4 m
374AK: 1.9 m
371AK60: 1.0 m
371AK60X: 1.0 m


Test reports: 

Environmental information

Carbon footprint: 
Cube 372AK: 66.7 kg CO2e
Environmental report: 

Despite of its compact size, the Cube armchair offers you comfortable seating.

The Cube collection, designed by Mikko Halonen, includes several seat and table options. The modular system allows to combine the units in countless ways to create numerous lay-outs. Thanks to the straight seams of the Cube seat, it can be upholstered with two kinds of upholstery to highlight its clear, strong lines.

Product code: 

371AK = bench
371AK60 = bench 60°
371AK60X = bench 3x60°
372AK = armchair
373AK = with backrest
374AK = with backrest and armrests