Material description: 

Upholstery: fully upholstered.
Base: white, black, chrome or Inspiring Colours.

Fabric consumption: 

0.9 m


Test reports: 

Fully upholstered Sola lounge chair with a swivel disc base is suitable for various lounge and meeting areas. The disc base is equipped with automatic return mechanism.

Sola chairs' careful finish, approachable form and various frame options mean that it easily fits into different types of spaces. The Sola chair can be used on its own or in large groups that look great in any space.

The Sola chair family designed by Antti Kotilainen includes several chairs and stool versions with various base options. The variety of choices makes it easy to find a suitable solution for various purposes and environments.

Product code: 

377CLD = low backrest, swivel disc base with automatic return mechanism, fully upholstered