Material description: 

Seat material: oak, ash, stained ash, white laminate.
Upholstery alternatives: without upholstery, seat upholstered, seat and backrest upholstered, fully upholstered.
Base: white, black, chrome or Inspiring Colours.
Felt glides.

Fabric consumption: 

Seat: 0.5 m / 2 pc
Seat and backrest: 0.85 m / 2 pcs
Fully upholstered: 0.9 m

Environmental information

Carbon footprint: 
Sola 377DEM: 7.8 kg CO2e; Sola 377DEMBC: 9.0 kg CO2e; Sola 377DEMC: 8.7 kg CO2e; Sola 377DEMD: 11.1 kg CO2e; Sola 377DEMM: 7.6 kg CO2e; Sola 377DEMMC: 8.2 kg CO2e; Sola 377DEMMD: 10.8 kg CO2e
Environmental product card: 

Sola bar stool's careful finish, approachable form and two different heights mean that it easily fits into different types of spaces.

Sola medium high bar stool is well suited with different standing tables and it comes with several upholstery options or without upholstery. The seat is available in several different materials and the stool is stackable.

The Sola chair family designed by Antti Kotilainen includes several chairs and stool versions with various base options. The variety of choices makes it easy to find a suitable solution for various purposes and environments.

Product code: 

377DEM (DEMC/DEMBC/DEMD) = medium high sled base, without upholstery, stackable, standard backrest
377DEMM (DEMMC/DEMMD) = medium high sled base, without upholstery, stackable, low backrest
BC= upholstered seat and backrest
C = upholstered seat
D = fully upholstered

Stackability (floor & wagon): 

Stackability max 8 pcs.