Material description: 

Seat fully upholstered.
Base: black.

Fabric consumption: 

391/70 3.0 m
391/90 3.4 m
391/120 4.0 m


Environmental information

Carbon footprint: 
Movie 391/90: 26.9 kg CO2e
Environmental product card: 

The round Movie is an easily modifiable, fully upholstered ottoman designed especially for lobbies. Movie’s round shape allows relaxed loitering and the sofa is a good choice for a variety of environments where seating is needed for short-term sitting, such as schools, libraries and surroundings at corporate offices.

Its colourful upholstery and different sizes can be combined to create inspiring groups for various spaces. The round Movie is available in three sizes.

Rane Vaskivuori’s Movie is simple and massive in design. The Movie series also includes square seats with or without a backrest.

Product code: 

391/70 = fully upholstered ottoman, diameter 70 сm
391/90 = fully upholstered ottoman, diameter 90 сm
391/120 = fully upholstered ottoman, diameter 120 сm