Material description: 

Table top: birch, beech, oak or white laminate.
Base: grey, black, white, chrome or Inspiring Colours.
All units can be connected to each other.

The Cube tables are available in numerous models. Cube tables and Cube chairs can be combined in unique ways, and the tables can be attached to the chairs to keep them organised and neat.

The Cube collection, designed by Mikko Halonen, includes several seat and table options. The modular system allows to combine the units in countless ways to create numerous lay-outs. Thanks to the straight seams of the Cube seat, it can be upholstered with two kinds of upholstery to highlight its clear, strong lines.

Product code: 

873AU = 65x65 cm table top
873CU = 65x65 cm, box
873LPU = 65x65 cm, magazine holder
873BU = 130x65 cm table top
873ACU = 130x65 cm, 1 pc table top, 1 pc box
873CCU = 130x65 cm, 2 pcs boxes
873LPAU = 130x65 cm, 1 pc table top, 1 pc magazine holder
873LPCU = 130x65 cm, 1 pc box, 1 pc magazine holder