Material description: 

Table top: oak, ash, stained ash.
Legs: oak, ash, stained ash.

Environmental information

Environmental product card: 

The Oona sofa table series is available in three different heights and there are seven different table top options.

Oona is light and easy to move and with wooden table top and legs it creates a cozy and homelike environment.

The Oona sofa table designed by Antti Kotilainen is well suited as a normal sofa table or almost any type of supplementary table.

Product code: 

Height 30 cm:
400618: ø60 cm
403050: ø90 cm
402879: ø120 cm
400593: 60x60 cm
402917: 100x100 cm
399923: 80x56 cm
402996: 100x70 cm

Height 33 cm:
402853: ø60 cm
400609: ø90 cm
400597: ø120 cm
402898: 60x60 cm
400589: 100x100 cm
403936: 80x56 cm
399808: 100x70 cm

Height 52 cm:
396831: ø60cm