Material description: 

Table top: birch, beech, oak, laminate (white, grey, birch).
Base: grey, black, white, chrome or Inspiring Colours.
Height 40 cm: ø70 cm and ø85 cm.
Height 52 and 72 cm: ø70 cm, ø85 cm, ø105 cm, ø120 cm, 90x90 cm, 140x80 cm, 180x80 cm.
Height 111 cm: ø70 cm, ø85 cm, 140x80 cm, 180x80 cm.

Environmental information

Carbon footprint: 
Spot 949CSR/85/KO/57 (table base with castors): 33 kg CO2e
Environmental product card: 

Round Spot tables are available as standing-height models and as a low sofa table. The standing-height Spot tables are ideal for brief encounters and can be equipped with height-adjusted gas springs and castors. The low Spot sofa table has a round top and is available in four sizes.

The Spot series tables are suitable for many purposes. There are conference room tables, standing-height desks, sofa tables and a small computer desk. They all have a sled base and range in height from the low sofa table to the standing-height desk. Spot tables are also available with a height-adjusted base and castors.

Product code: 

494Y70 ø 70 cm
494Y85 ø 85 cm
494Y105 ø 105 cm
494Y120 ø 120 cm
4940909Q = 90x90 cm
4941408Q = 140x80 cm
4941808Q = 180x80 cm