Material description: 

Wooden parts: birch, stained birch, beech.
Options: without upholstery or upholstered.

Fabric consumption: 

Seat 2 pcs / 0.7 m



Removable seat upholstery, higher base (0-2 cm), felt glides, row connection, storage and transport trolley, moisture proof extra lining under the fabric.

Environmental information

Carbon footprint: 
Kari K3: 2.9 kg CO2e
Environmental product card: 

Kari 3 is a classic form-pressed wooden chair. Kari 3 is comfortable to sit in and suitable for many kinds of space. The chairs area stackable, can be linked into rows.

Kari 3 is extremely durable and, in black or white, it is even more timeless.

Thanks to their light and durable wooden structure and timeless design, the Kari chairs have a low environmental footprint. For example, making a single Kari 1 chair generates the same amount of CO2 emissions as a car trip of roughly 70 km. The trip will take less than an hour but the chair will last for decades.

The Kari series designed by Kari Asikainen consists of diverse furniture ranging from universal chairs and tables to lobby furniture. More than half a million Kari chairs have been made.

Design awards: 

SIO paras tuoli 1979

Product code: 


Stackability (floor & wagon): 

Trolley max 20 pcs.
Floor max 10 pcs.