Material description: 

Seat fully upholstered.
Base: chrome or Inspiring Colours.

Fabric consumption: 

1.7 m


Test reports: 

Environmental information

The Kilta chair is a Finnish design classic. Kilta’s timeless design and comfortable seat guarantee its continuing popularity.

Kilta has armrests and a disc base. It is also available with a four leg base or castors, and as the Mini Kilta, which has no armrests. The many upholstery and base options can be combined for unique variations.

The Kilta chair is a popular vintage product, a testimony to its quality, durability and timelessness.

Kilta was the first plastic chair in Finland, due to its groundbreaking production technology. This classic chair was first introduced in 1955.

Design awards: 

Suomen Suurmessut 1955

Product code: 

224C = fully upholstered, disc base