Material description: 

Seat and backrest fully upholstered.
Base: polished aluminium.

Fabric consumption: 

1.2 m / pcs



Upholstered armrests, felt glides.

Environmental information

The fully upholstered SoftX is a comfortable, supportive chair. The opening between the backrest and the seat gives the chair an attractive appearance and makes it easier to move around. The opening also gives SoftX a characteristic and identifiable style, allowing a common theme for the different models of the series.

A key principle embodied in the SoftX design is versatility. The distinction between work and free time is becoming increasingly blurred and we wished to create a chair that would suit business environments as much as restaurants and even homes. The versatility of the SoftX series is enhanced by its adaptability. Different legs, seat heights, details and upholstery materials can be combined to create the perfect design for any space.

Design awards: 

iF Product Design Award 2008

Product code: 

365 = low backrest, without armrests
366 = low backrest, with armrests
367 = high backrest, without armrests
368 = high backrest, with armrests