Environmental Impact of Materials

Main Raw Materials

Wood based materials

Our main material of products is wood board materials; particle board, MDF, plywood and soft fiber board. Since the beginning of 2015 particle board that we use have met class E0,5 (max 0.06 mg formaldehyde/m3 air or 4 mg of formaldehyde per 100 g of absolutely dry chipboard). We use wood from sustainable cultivated forests and do not use endangered wood species.

Depending on customer order, the wood boards have melamine, laminate or veneer as surface material on boards. All level veneered surfaces are finished with water soluble stains and 100% UV-lacquers. Water based surface treatment for form-pressed material is used upon availability. Surface material is attached with water soluble PVAC glue.



Our products include metals generally used in furniture industry such as steel and aluminum. Epoxy-based paints or electrolytic materials are usually used as surface finishing material for metals. Epoxy paints melt and reticulate under increased temperatures to form the final coating of paint. Chromium is reduced as chrome on metal component in electrolytic process that is more and more done with environmentally friendly three value chromium.




Polyamide, polypropylene, polystyrene, ABS and polyurethane are used as plastics in our products to ensure the recycling of the plastic as material or energy in the end of the lifecycle. To fulfill customer and environmental requirements, our standard products and packaging materials do not include any PVC.


Upholstery materials, padding

Our customers can choose upholstery material from the wide variety of fabrics according to their specific needs. Usually pure wool or wool blend fabrics are used. Sometimes customer need requires water repellent and chemical resistant upholstery and then vinyl (PVC) material may be used. For upholstery we use water-based upholstery glue. PUR and polyether foam are used as upholstery materials and padding. We use water solluble and warm activated glues in upholstery.