Environmental Objectives

Martela has local environmental committees, that asses how Martela meets the local environmental objectives.

The environmental assessment include statutory and other authority requirements as well as environmental expectations of external and internal stakeholders. Extent, severity and duration of impact of environmental objectives are evaluated as well as likelihood of environmental consideration and cause-effect.

All Martela products are designed to be long-lasting and safe to use. We have developed our manufacturing processes and operating network to enable us to reduce our energy consumption and minimise emissions and risks to the environment.

Our product packages are reusable, either as packaging material, recycled material or energy recource. Waste from our manufacturing process is sorted for further processing. Our aim is to create furniture that not only can be used for a long time but also allows for safe disposal to minimize lifecycle affect on nature.

Our Environmental goals:

  • Reduction of the amount of waste by using reusable packaging material and an effective system to sort waste
  • Efficient recycling methods for used office furniture
  • Prioritizing long life-cycle products
  • Minimizing energy consumption and using renewable energy sources