Kombi - Shelving system

The Kombi shelf system comprises a horizontal support attached to the wall and wall profiles supported by it. Various accessories, including shelves, storage units and panels can be attached to the system.

The horizontal supports, wall profiles and shelf consoles are made of white painted metal
The shelves have a backstop
Upholstered panel with standard panel fabrics.
Shelves in white melamine
Storage unit frame in birch veneer, white or grey melamine
Storage unit roller shutters in birch veneer and grey or white polypropene

Product code number



- Vertical rails 150 and 200 cm
- Horizontal rails 180 and 270 cm
- Shelves 60 and 80 cm
- Sloping shelf 80 cm
- Storage unit 80x42x41 cm
- Upholstered panels 80x40 and 80x150 cm