Increased efficiency through the lifecycle approach

The Martela Lifecycle model reduces customers’ facility expenses and increases job satisfaction. In addition to bringing cost savings, it improves productivity – permanently.

Everything begins with the specification

Specifications are always based on identifying the customer’s business goals, needs and nature of work. Studies and surveys are conducted to determine what types of facilities best meet the employees’ needs. Usage rates are measured to determine the present state and analyse future needs. This guarantees the perfect result.

User-oriented design takes account of changes caused by modern technology in working methods as well as the needs of various types of users. Well-designed facilities increase productivity and well-being at work while also serving as a leadership tool. This serves to ensure that the organisation has a work environment that supports its operations and is created and maintained responsibly.

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Spaces for all usage needs

In an activity-based office, everyone feels that the facilities serve his or her particular needs. An easily adaptable, modern work environment inspires creativity, releases energy, frees up resources and leads to better results. The various zones in an activity-based office serve all types of work, regardless of its nature, duration or level of mobility. Work that requires concentration can be carried out in silent zones, but the facilities also allow for social interaction and spontaneous encounters. Read more about activity-based offices.

Uncompromised efficiency

Activity-based offices significantly reduce companies’ need for space while also effortlessly improving operational efficiency. When offices are divided into zones based on their purpose of use, employees are able to make more effective use of their resources and potential. The facilities can be supplemented by the new Dynamic Desk Booking, Dynamic Storage and Dynamic Meeting Booking solutions. These solutions make working in an office easier and enable employees to effortlessly locate free workstations, meeting rooms and storage space and to find their colleagues. In addition, reserving desks and spaces is uncomplicated.

Even small changes matter

Organisations and working methods are changing continuously. Therefore, it is a good idea to regularly evaluate how the work environment supports current ways of working. The changes that are needed may not necessarily be extensive, but they may have a major effect on productivity and well-being at work.

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With our savings calculator you can calculate how much your company could save using specifying and planning services for more effective workspace.


In addition, Martela’s comprehensive work environment design process, which covers the entire lifecycle of the facilities, is always a responsible choice.

The percentages presented here are based on evaluated projects by Martela as well as on general studies in the field.

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