Martela observes the Guidelines for Insiders issued by NASDAQ OMX Helsinki. In addition, the Board has adopted Group insider rules, which in some cases establish stricter requirements on processing insider information than the Guidelines for Insiders. For instance, the duration of the so-called closed window is 21 days at Martela, which is longer than the NASDAQ OMX minimum.

The following are considered as insiders subject to disclosure requirements: the members of the Board of Directors, the Managing Director, the auditor, and the members of the Group’s management team. Company-specific permanent insiders are people working in supervisory or expert duties in the Group, who require regular access to information regarding the financial situation and outlook of the Group and its business units in order to carry out their duties. Project-specific insider registers can be drawn up if necessary.

Martela Corporation has joined the SIRE system maintained by Euroclear Finland.

Martela Oyj public insider register ends as such on 2 of July 2016 as the Market Abuse Regulation (EU N:o 596/2014 “MAR”) comes in to force on 3 July 2016.