One office, many spaces

The nature of knowledge work has changed remarkably in a short period of time. Our answer to this is an Activity Based Office concept called Inspiring Office® by Martela. A concept that helps to maximise effective use of office space, increases employee wellbeing and provides various opportunities for social encounters.

Nowadays, the perception of ergonomics includes the impact made by the work environment on wellbeing. Good work environment ergonomics facilitate information processing, allow time to be used more efficiently and decrease the number of interruptions fragmenting our working days.

In a mobile world knowledge workers spend less and less time at their workstations. That is why we have paid a lot of attention to providing possibilities for social encounters when creating the concept.

By utilizing our Inspiring Office concept you can make work more efficient and improve the company image, both in the eyes of clients and new potential employees. In an inspiring office you feel that the space has been designed just for you.