Inspiring options for shared spaces

To benefit the surrounding community in the best possible way, every public space needs to conform with different purposes. Museums, libraries, concert halls, restaurants... each of them have spaces for enjoying life, relaxing, meeting people – and more often these days, for working.

Amongst other things, mobile technology and the development of the urban culture have changed the use of public space to be more diverse. Inspiring Public Space by Martela is a concept that allows us to design comfortable and functional public spaces suitable for modern needs.

Open spaces need to offer good opportunities for all kinds of social encounters and to be suitable for every visitor. It’s good for the spaces to be flexible for variable needs, to make it possible to utilise different electronic appliances and to provide an enjoyable and accessible user experience for everyone.

When in a need for a high-quality, inspiring and modern space solution that will fill your wishes now and in the future – Inspiring Public Space by Martela is the answer. We will handle everything: from defining your needs, designing the space and materials to delivering and installing the furniture – and finally, to recycling the old ones responsibly.