Interior Design for Offices and Schools

Interior Design for Offices

Martela is one of Finland's leading companies providing interior design for offices and schools. We have been designing Nordic working and learning environments for over seventy years. Today we have 24 experienced workplace interior designers in Finland, Sweden and Norway.
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It is a good idea to start a workplace interior design project by specifying what the workplace is needed for in the company and how it will be used. The same applies to learning environments and other public spaces. The interior is always designed for the users of the space in oder to support optimally all the activities the space is used for.

An interior design project can be initiated by a move to new premises or by an organisational change. However, more and more often the driving force is that a company wants to communicate about its values with its interiors or utilise the workspace as a management tool. The workplace is a company's body language. It is an inseparable part of corporate communications.

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In our interior design work, we utilise participatory methods like interviews and workshops. We also offer support for change management. In addition, we have a wide range of services for space utilisation measurements.
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