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"On New Year's Eve 1937 I had an animated conversation with the head sawmills at his home. He said that Finland would never be able to export anything other than sawn timber. I objected to this, saying that I could make furniture, for example, and export it too."

- Matti S. Martela


November 9th 2013 - Centenary of the birth of Matti S. Martela.
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A good concept

Back in the 1940's Matti S. Martela had very little personal reason to get excited about office furnishing. He wasn't an architect nor a designer neither had he inherited a furniture manufacturing plant. Mr Martela founded a furniture company because he had a good business idea.

Today we can safely say that the business idea was a good one. Tables and chairs are still needed. However, more important than a single piece of furniture is the good concept based on which the company is still being developed today.
Our success, our ability to grow and overcome the recessions that have affected the industry over the decades, is based on Mr Martela's principles. These are the principles that he had right from the beginning. Design, interior planning and furniture industry must be considered as a business. One must market and sell. One must go where the business is done. For us, this has meant primarily offices but also schools, nursing homes, hotels and even theatres. Finland is the home market from where we have grown east, west and to the European markets.

Trends pass quickly. They come and they go. Our mission at Martela has always been to create interiors that will remain fresh well into the future.
For that we have some experience. It’s the knowledge of our history – our experiences, successes and lessons learned – that we rely on when designing our high-quality future classics.

Martela's video about sitting from 1970

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