Exciting meetings are more likely in inspiring meeting spaces. Meetings can be for reporting or work-shopping, held face to face between two individuals or include a whole club, and can be via telephone or video. No matter what they are called for, meetings are about personally sharing ideas, thoughts, and influences. Meetings have the potential to be thrilling and inspiring. Part of that excitement has to do with the space in which people gather. But meetings differ in lots of ways, and participants have all kinds of needs. So we talk with our clients to find out what works best for them.  Then we offer custom-made solutions that help them get more out of their meetings. And even though we think design details like the surface of the meeting table and the color and lighting management of the meeting space are really important, what we're actually aiming for is a space that is so comfortable, so intuitive and so welcoming that it doesn't distract at all from the meeting tasks at hand.  In gathering places that are well planned and nicely executed, people can focus on their own creative processes.  And achieving that is inspiring to us.