More comfort to workspaces

You can improve the comfort of the office space with many small things. On this page, we've put together six simple tips for improving the atmosphere and comfort of your working environment.



1. Keep your working environment tidy.

Put things to their assigned places. Get rid of unnecessary paper. Disorder interferes with creativity. Enjoy the harmony.



2. Bring stimulus to rest areas

It is good to have stimulating material at rest areas: Magazines, pen and paper, even games. A standing height table located close to the coffee machine encourages people to stop for a chat with the colleagues.

3. Ensure a calm place for concentration

A comfortable chair far away from the distractions helps concentration. It should be located by the window or at least somewhere with an uninterrupted view. Peaceful moments of contemplation are good for you.



4. Note the changing seasons

Whenever possible, make use of the natural light. In the winter, use soft lights or even candles to create a welcoming atmosphere. Bring nature into the office. Have branches or flowers in vases. Look outside, for example when talking on the phone.



5. Personalise your surroundings

Bring to work images or objects that are important to you. This could be a sticker with a meaninfull message on the cover of your notebook or a beautiful coffee cup. Changing the laptop wallpaper image  spices up the day.


6. Bring homeliness to workspaces

Also offices can feel homely. Elements like rugs, floor lamps or cushions on the sofas make the workspaces more comforting. Soft shapes and warm lights help keep the mind calm and aid concentration.



More tips for well-being at work can be read on the ergonomics pages on our website.

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