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50 facts about moves

A successful move is always based on careful planning.  What are you going to do with your old furniture? What will do you with all your documents? When is a good time to move?

We compiled 50 facts that everyone should know about moving. Moving Wizard offers every mover a tool that helps to ensure a successfull move. You will also find there a check list of things to remember during a company move.

When it is time for your company to move and change, it pays to choose a reliable partner. Martela takes care of company moves for you. We provide the staff as well as the removal supplies and equipment.

Download Martela's 50 facts about removals below and take a leap towards a better workplace.

Would you really like to spend your time putting furniture together? Consider what types of additional services would make your move easier.

Book your company move with a single service provider. It will make your life easier.

Why are the removal vans driving in a circle in the yard? Did you remember to get access permits for them? Did you discuss where they should park and unload?

Before you decide what to do with your office chairs, you would probably like to know how many chairs you have. Taking an inventory is time-consuming but necessary. And we can do it for you.

People grow attached to things and places. Change management helps prepare people for changes and new facilities.

Many think that a move takes only a couple of days. This holds true – if professionals take care of the move. Time is money, and a good plan is gold.

One box. Or 5,000 boxes. The number does not matter if the move plan and schedules are appropriate.

Download and read rest of the 43 things from our company removals guide. You will get access to it by filling out the form below.

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