New Way of Working

The way we work has changed

Today's society is dominated by knowledge work. This makes it possible to work anytime, anywhere. In addition to physical working conditions, the surroundings play a greater role in occupational wellbeing and work efficiency than ever before.

Mobile workers change the concept of a workspace

Work is no longer tied to the home base office. Instead it moves with the workers to different local offices, means of transport, coffee shops and even home. In the workplaces all areas like the canteen and the lobby are used as a working space. This revolutionises the traditional concept of workstations and creates a demand for new office rules for the whole working community.

The day of a mobile worker consists of things like choosing a suitable workstation, technology enabled communication and travelling. This in turn leads to working hours that are contructed in a new way. In flexible work, each employee must take care of ergonomics by themselves. Taking care of these requirements forms the bases of wellbeing for a modern employee.

Activity Based Office creates wellbeing in a changing working environment

In an activity based office the workers can freely choose a working area depending on the task at hand. Work spaces that are best suited for different tasks bring comfort for the office workers and improve working efficiency.

User driven design is the bases for workspace planning. The planning process is always preceded with a study on the company business targets and it's individual employee needs. A carefully completed workplace planning supports company strategy and processes as well as helps in transformations.

Does your working environment support your worker type?

When planning a working environment, it is important to take into account all the different ways of working. The workspaces should support these various needs.

Watch a short video on our Activity Based Office concept

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