In activity-based offices, workstations must feel personal even if they are used by many people

How do you make a piece of furniture feel personal when it is also used by several other colleagues? This is a challenge Henrik Kjellberg and Jon Lindström, designers at o4i Design Studio, have been tackling. Now they have found a solution.

Henrik and Jon believe their Martela Pod product family is perfect for activity-based offices. Pod furniture supports different ways of working and feels personal even when used by several people. An important factor is the design which is both open and suitably intimate at the same time. The Pod product family includes workstations that are open or more intimate, a meeting space, and sofas and chairs, which can all be combined to create spaces for various needs.

Activity-based offices are often described as user-oriented, dynamic, interactive and ergonomic. All Pod family products support these needs.“We focused on the needs of the users, i.e. employees. Some want privacy and peace, while others need to talk with their colleagues to get their work done. The product family has something for every need,” says Anniina Korteniemi, Marketing Manager at Martela.

“Today, ergonomics is much more than sitting or standing in the right position. It’s also about moving and about avoiding repetitive movements during the work day. The Pod products are designed to be workstations that encourage people to move and to find a suitable place to work according to the task at hand,” Anniina Korteniemi says.

The rounded forms and ample upholstery of the Pod family lend softness to an office, which can be accentuated with a colour or combination of colours that are suitable for each use.


Pod family

The Pod product family includes the PodSeat chair, PodSofa, PodMeeting meeting solution and PodWork workstations.



The Swedish o4i Design Studio, based in Stockholm, designs functional furniture for public spaces, companies and private homes. o4i has received several international awards, including the Red Dot Award 2005, the Good Design Award 2005 and ADEX Platinum 2007.

VIDEO: Desginers talk about the Pod family

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