A range of Martela furniture and services that are especially distinguished in the field of design have been awarded with Design from Finland mark. Association for Finnish Work recognises unique Finnish design with the label signifying that the company is a pioneer in investing in Finnish design.

- Martela has always been passionate about user-centric design. Design from Finland mark fits well with Martela’s values, says Martela’s Marketing and Responsibility Director Minna Andersson.

Design’s role in the Finnish economy and competitiveness is high. Finnish design history is built, above all, on products for home decoration, but now also services as well as functions in public sector are being designed. Association for Finnish Work awarded Martela Lifecycle –services with Design from Finland mark.

Martela's service and furniture designers.

- Martela Lifecycle® is a good example of the modern Finnish service design. It optimises the use of premises and takes care of the interior solutions and the peopleusing them The holistic approach allows anticipation of the future needs, thus creating efficiency and savings Andersson explains.

The furniture and services awarded with the label were designed by Finnish designers. One of the products to receive the mark was Frankie conference table series designed by Iiro Viljanen.

- Stylish office furniture can also be very functional. One can obtain Frankie with for example electronic height adjustments that can make meetings more efficient, Andersson says.
- Traditional industry would improve its position tremendously in the global market, if it would invest even more in the design. Value chains are re-emerging, and one can create new value through design, says Brand Manager Johanna Lahti from the Association for Finnish Work.

The following Martela services, furniture and furniture series were awarded with the Design From Finland mark:

  • All Martela Lifecycle services
  • Pinta, Alku and Frankie table series
  • Exceed, Spot, Trailer, Salmiakki and Chat tables
  • Scoop sofa table
  • Kari, Aktiv, Grip, Plus+ and Trivia tables and chairs
  • James task chair series
  • Sola, Form, Kaisa, Salus and Kilta chairs
  • Cube, Nooa and Movie collections, Bit family
  • Combo, Big, Cupio and The Wall cabinets
  • Hush phone booth, The Tree space divider
  • Beatbox stand, Puffet seat cushions
  • Swan XL floor lamp, Kaari coat rack and Face screens

More information:

Minna Andersson, Marketing and Responsibility Manager, Martela Oyj, +358 40 087 8101,

Johanna Lahti, Brand Manager,  The Association for Finnish Work, +358 40 591 6143,


The Association for Finnish Work in an expert organisation whose mission is to promote Finnish work and success. The Association manages labels and netpages that serves Finnish work.

The Association for Finnish Work’s Design from Finland mark communicates the message of unique design originating from Finland. The mark brings attention to pioneering businesses focusing on Finnish design as part of their operations and success.

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