Framery Q is a soundproof island in the middle of an activity-based office - a place where you can be on your own, chat with a colleague in peace and quiet or be in contact with the outside world without any disturbances. Framery Q gives you absolute acoustic privacy.

It is common nowadays that people arrange meetings at short notice or need peace and quiet so that they can concentrate on important things. In an optimal situation, a well-designed working environment means having the right space for each task. When you need a quiet corner, you ought to have one.

"Exchanging ideas is a natural part of today's work, and having spaces with full sound insulation makes it easy to arrange meetings at short notice. Framery Q is the quietest workspace on the market, which means that it also fits nicely into Martela-designed working environments," explains Minna Andersson, Marketing and Responsibility Director at Martela. Framery solutions have been part of Martela's product range for many years.

Framery Q is quick to install and it can also be dismantled and relocated speedily if necessary. It offers a broad range of interior options, too. As an example of its versatility, the swivel table can be transformed from a coffee table into a computer table for two in no time at all.

"Depending on the interior option, Framery Q can be converted into a seated or standing workstation or a break or meeting room for four people. These spaces have everything that you need for comfort: power sockets, USB connections and coat hooks," says Pekka Toivola, Framery's Product Designer.

Integrated air conditioning and lighting mean that you can even stay all day. "A motion detector switches on the light and the air conditioning, which means that the carbon dioxide content and temperature will remain at pleasant levels," explains Toivola.


Framery's phone booths have already become enormously popular around the world. For example, the television company CNN, the social networking services Twitter and Facebook and the financial services company Morgan Stanley use them in their premises.


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