“our aim is to achieve annual savings of several million euros”

The City of Espoo has signed a framework agreement with Martela regarding consulting services to develop its workplaces. Martela will provide workplace planning services at the City of Espoo’s offices. The City of Espoo requested tenders from workplace planning service providers. Workplace planning specifies the needs of the organisation and is implemented with the participatory method.

“We received offers from over 10 suppliers in our framework agreement tendering. Martela stood out with its clear and well thought-out concept. We were left with the impression that they had really thought about how they would find out the necessary initial data from the work community to support planning. We were also impressed by their references,” says Santeri Paakko, Communication and Collaboration Specialist at the City of Espoo.


Aiming for considerable savings

“By developing our work environment we want to achieve annual savings of several million euros in premises and energy costs. The initial investment will quickly pay itself back,” says Paakko.

In the Espoo keskus district, 1,600 City administration employees work at ten different addresses. Over the next 10–15 years the goal is to locate these employees in 3–4 larger units.

The office buildings in Espoon keskus were built in the 1970s to 1980s and are made up of individual offices. The buildings are now in need of renovation.

“Many of our premises are, without doubt, old-fashioned and do not serve the needs of our way of working today. Our workplace should allow us to hold teleconferences and to work in a more communal way. We want a workplace that we can be proud of.”

Workplace supports efficiency

Employee wellbeing is an important reason for developing the City of Espoo’s offices.

“The City of Espoo wants to be a customer-oriented pioneer that takes care of the wellbeing and competence of its employees. There is more interaction in activity-based offices, which means working is more fun.”

“I believe that from the perspective of recruitment, work environments will come to play an increasing role in the future,” says Paakko. 

Paakko believes that workplace development will increase work efficiency also in the future.

“Activity-based offices will change the way that we share knowledge. Individuals’ work will become visible to others, which will allow us to achieve synergy benefits. Knowledge will also be more mobile. The type of dialogue that previously required meetings will now take place in informal meetings at the office.”

Participatory planning creates Activity-Based Offices

The City of Espoo has gained experience of activity-based offices through various pilot projects.

“Previous experiences have shown us the kinds of changes that we want in our work environment. We have been satisfied with Martela’s thorough and participatory planning. I do not believe it would be possible to create activity-based offices without this type of planning,” says Paakko.

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